2017 Officers

Board of Directors

Kenton Whitebread Jr. - Chairman
Burt Lamens - Director/Vice Chairman
Vacant - Secretary
Gary Geyer - Director
Paul Reigle - Director
Dohn Fetterhoff - Director

Board of Director Appointees

Kenton Whitebread Jr. - IT Administrator
Vivian Geyer - Treasurer

Staff Officers

Cindy Carran - President
Jonathan Hafner - Vice President
Rebekah Hoffner - Secretary/Financial Secretary

Operational Chiefs

Scott Paul - Chief 13-A
Susan Nornhold - Chief 13-B

Support Staff Coordinators

David Ritter - Infectious Control Officer
Carol Fetterhoff - Supply Coordinator

Chief's Support Staff Coordinators

Susan Nornhold - Radio Communications Coordinator


Ronald Sencen - Training Officer

Vehicle Maintenance

Amanda Whitebread - Engineer

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