The Halifax Area Ambulance and Rescue Association, Inc. mails out subscriptions to all box holders within our response district every July. The subscriptions take effect on August 1 of that year and expire on July 31 of the following year.

Our association currently serves the community with EMT's who are able to provide life-saving care. Studies show that access to quality emergency care dramatically improves the survival and recovery rate of those who experience a sudden illness or injury.

We continue to be a non profit organization. We do not receive any funding from any local fire taxes. We currently serve the community with two Braun ambulances, 2006 and 2010 models. We depend on subscriptions, donations and grant funding to purchase and maintain vehicles, equipment and pay personnel.

Our first due coverage area is in Halifax Borough, Halifax Township, parts of Jackson Township, Reed Township to the Clarks Ferry Bridge and Wayne Township. Our ambulance would be dispatched second due in parts of Jackson Township, Jefferson Township, Millersburg Borough and parts of Upper Paxton Township.

Medical insurance sometimes provides coverage for ambulance emergencies; therefore, HAARA, Inc. reserves the right to submit an invoice to your insurance company for any services provided to you as the subscriber. We allow for 3 refusals (transport refused by the patient) per subscription period. After the 3rd refusal a fee of $200 will be charged to the subscriber for each additional occurrence. HAARA, Inc. will bill the subscriber if services are deemed not medically necessary by your insurance provider.

Effective, 2/1/2016 Community life Team no longer accepts our subscriptions.

For ambulance emergencies to a medical facility beyond a fifty-mile radius there will be an additional charge of $12.00 per loaded mile in addition to any charges for equipment, supplies and special services. Inter-hospital and non-emergency transports are not provided by this association. All services are contingent upon the availability of personnel and equipment.

We offer a smoke free social hall with a stage that will accommodate approximately 170 guests for receptions, dinners, dances, meetings, etc. Caterings provided by our association at a "per plate cost" which includes rental for the building. For further information,call 717-896-8322.

Listed below are the types of subscriptions that we offer. Please read them carefully and select the one that best suits your needs and the needs of your family.

H.A.A.R.A Subscription Cost:
Adult Individual Ages 18-54 $35.00 each
Senior Individual Ages 55 and over  $30.00 each
Full Time Student 18-26   
$15.00 each
Child Under 18  $  5.00 each